The PriMO-5G consortium believes that a huge potential of innovative usage exists in the immersive video services for ground/aerial vehicles (e.g. cars, trucks, and UAVs/drones). Vehicles equipped with high-definition cameras can offer sights that have not been imaginable, and thus will be able to bring benefits to various industry verticals. Application areas of the vehicles with virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) would be enormous, ranging from police and rescue operations to entertainment and tourism.

  • Firefighting use case: The main envisaged scenario in PriMO-5G is the firefighting scenario, which is one of the commonly occurring scenarios in Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR). The firefighting scenario considered in PriMO-5G envisions the use of fire fighting vehicles with mmWave connectivity and a drone fleet controlled from the vehicles to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of firefighting operations. As illustrated in Figure below, mobile rescue personnel can send a fleet of drones, and obtain real-time situation awareness of the fire scene though the use of drones bearing video cameras and sensors. This can be done before crew has to come in to the hazard scene. The drones will provide high-definition VR/AR video according to the control of a person in the fire engine.