WP1 Scenarios, architecture, economic and regulatory analysis

D1.1 PriMO-5G use case scenarios

D1.2 End-to-end PriMO-5G network architecture

D1.3 Spectrum options and economic study

WP2 5G Core Networks

D2.1 Initial design of MEC and Network Slice Manager

D2.2 PriMO-5G core interoperability report

D2.3 AI-MEC system design specifications and integration report

D2.4 PriMO-5G Network Slice Manager-Vertical integration report

WP3 mmWave radio technologies

D3.1 Intermediate report on enhanced 5G radio access technologies

D3.2 Intermediate report on the 5G transceiver design and adaptive beamforming

D3.3 Final report on PriMO-5G radio technologies

WP4 AI-assisted communications

D4.1 Intermediate report on AI-assisted networking and edge computing

D4.2 APIs for AI-assisted network slice orchestration

D4.3 Final report on AI-assisted networking and edge computing

WP5 Testbed and demonstration

D5.1 Demonstration plan

D5.2 Intermediate report – Component demonstrations & System integration plan

D5.3 Final report – End-to-end immersive demonstrations

WP6 Dissemination, standardization, and regulation

D6.1 Project website

D6.2 Dissemination and exploitation plan

D6.3 Rolling dissemination and exploitation plan and report

D6.4 Final dissemination and exploitation report

WP7 Management

D7.1 Project quality assurance plan

WP8 Ethics requirements

D8.1 M – Requirement No. 1

D8.2 GEN – Requirement No. 2