WP1 Scenarios, architecture, economic and regulatory analysis

D1.1 PriMO-5G use case scenarios

D1.2 End-to-end PriMO-5G network architecture

D1.3 Spectrum options and economic study

WP2 5G Core Networks

D2.1 Initial design of MEC and Network Slice Manager

D2.2 PriMO-5G core interoperability report

D2.3 AI-MEC system design specifications and integration report

D2.4 PriMO-5G Network Slice Manager-Vertical integration report

WP4 AI-assisted communications

D4.1 Intermediate report on AI-assisted networking and edge computing

D4.2 APIs for AI-assisted network slice orchestration

D4.3 Final report on AI-assisted networking and edge computing

WP5 Testbed and demonstration

D5.1 Demonstration plan

D5.2 Intermediate report – Component demonstrations & System integration plan

D5.3 Final report – End-to-end immersive demonstrations

WP6 Dissemination, standardization, and regulation

WP7 Management

D7.1 Project quality assurance plan

WP8 Ethics requirements

D8.1 M – Requirement No. 1

D8.2 GEN – Requirement No. 2