The PriMO-5G project aims to demonstrate an end-to-end 5G system providing immersive video services for moving objects. This is achieved by both local and cross-continental testbeds (between Europe and Korea) that integrate radio access and core networks developed by different project partners to showcase end-to-end operations of envisaged use cases, specifically those related to firefighting.

The newly released deliverable D5.1 Demonstration Plan focuses on the first phase by providing an overview of the PriMO-5G components contributed by different partners for the PriMO-5G experimentation activities and eventual end-to-end system implementations. To that end, each component, platform or partially integrated system contributed by the partners is described in how it could support testing and demonstration of key 5G developments in radio, edge and/or core networks in the context of PriMO-5G firefighting use cases.

Download here D5.1 Demonstration Plan