The PriMO-5G project has recently deployed and tested an intercontinental 5G deployment between Europe and Korea.  This activity is part of the work of the towards overall objective of the project to demonstrate an end-to-end 5G system providing immersive video services for moving objects using cross-continental testbeds that integrate radio access and core networks provided by different project partners.

The intercontinental 5G deployment consists of 5G mobile network where the signaling management is running in Korea but the radio access and user data is handled in Finland. The system includes a 5G mobile core that is installed and run in Yonsei University but the Radio access with the base stations are installed and running in Aalto Otaniemi campus. The mobile devices connect to the base station in Aalto but all the signaling including user authentication and management is done in Korea. After the signaling is successfully completed across intercontinental connection the user will get user data access through the local 5G system running in Aalto.

PriMO-5G intercontinental 5G deployment


Screenshot of some of the test results from the intercontinental 5G network