The EU-KR PriMO-5G project will present demos at the EuCNC 2019 and Global 5G events in Valencia, Spain from 17th to 20th June 2019.

The PriMO-5G project will present three demos under the thematic title of “Optimal 5G mobile network for Firefighting with UAVs”.

The first demo will be exhibit the usage of 5G Core (5GC) integrated with Network Slicing and MEC to provide ultra-reliable communications for UAV management and media delivery during firefighting situations. In this demo a UAV with video camera and USB dongle is connected to LTE eNB and CMC 5GC to stream video uplink. The 5GC uses eMBMS to broadcast the video downlink from the UAV to 4 or 5 user equipment (UEs) with eMBMS middleware.

The second demo will exhibit the concept of Optimal Routing and how it provides a solution that allows low latency UE-server or UE-UE communication, while keeping service and session continuity (IP address preservation). The 3GPP defined 5GC architecture provides a mechanism to have IP address preservation at mobility events. However, this implies that the IP address gets associated with a User Plane Function (UPF) that cannot be changed. This is a disadvantage for edge use cases, where low latency requires that the UPF is close to the UEs. Other solutions allow to change the UPF, but without IP address preservation.

The third demo will show the possibility of near-zero latency mission involvement (in a firefighting scenario) by introducing 5G-enabled immersive video streaming. One of the enabling factors, which we will show, is the leveraging of different computing and communicating resources provided by the overall system, e.g. multi-tiered drones, MEC, and a server.

Welcome to visit the demos and discuss with the project’s representatives at Booth #13