The PriMO-5G project has released a public deliverable D3.2 Intermediate report on the 5G transceiver design and adaptive beamforming, which reports on ongoing development of new innovative transmission concepts using 5G mmWave frequencies. The development contributes to meet operational, functional, and technical requirements inspired by the PriMO-5G firefighting use cases (specified previously as part of work in WP1 Scenarios, architecture, economic and regulatory analysis). To that end, the deliverable reports on initial research in PriMO-5G on enhanced 5G radio access technologies that could be classified into three thematic areas, namely: novel transceiver design, waveform design, and advanced beamforming. Designs of the transceiver design is ongoing with demos scheduled for early 2021.

Transceiver design of universal spatio-frequcney division multiple access (USFDMA)


Schematic of a multi-user mmWave MIMO system without/with RF lens

Download link for D3.2: