In PriMO-5G project, researchers at Ericsson AB and KTH Royal Institute of Technology recently published a paper entitled “Geometric Sequence Decomposition with k-simplexes Transform”, where the authors present a mathematical method (abbreviated as GSD-ST) to separate a mix of geometric sequences into individual sequences. This work may look like a pure mathematical contribution, but it is highly relevant to PriMO-5G. It is because a radio wave can be described as a geometric sequence. If radio waves are non-orthogonally overlapped, these can be efficiently separated by GSD-ST.

GSD-ST is a versatile and powerful tool for many applications such as random access and channel estimation as illustrated in the figure below. Furthermore, the researchers expect that GSD-ST will be found useful for other fields in signal processing that are beyond the scope of the project.

Full paper available at (open access)

Potential applications of the GSD-ST method